General Nutrition

The SNaC Pack reproducible handouts enable you to get your hands on the right answers to help your clients reach their goals. You provide them with scientifically based, sound nutrition information on a wide range of subjects including protein requirements, hydration, vitamins and minerals, ideal weight, supplements, etc.

The following table of contents lists the topics of the handouts included in the General Nutrition SNaC Pack. These handouts can be personalized with your name and contact information. You will enhance your credibility by providing sound nutrition information for your clients


  • Tips for Identifying Portions

  • Sensible Snacking

  • Power Foods or Eat Your Colors

  • Veggie Variety - click for sample

  • Your Correct Weight

  • Food Record

  • Learning Label Lingo and Understanding Nutrient Content Descriptors

  • Dining Out: Without Disaster

  • Basic Game Plan for Good Nutrition

  • Nuts & Bolts of Nutrition

  • BONUS: 99 Tips to Adopt

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