SNaC Pack: The Health Professional's Guide To Nutrition

What is SNaC Pack?
A series of scientifically based and professionally designed reproducible handouts containing the most up-to-date nutrition information, that you can use to build client loyalty, boost your credibility and stature. We want to help your business grow and thrive. 

Who is SNaC Pack For?
SNaC Pack is utilized by registered dietitians, doctors, personal trainers, health club personnel, group exercise instructors, physical therapists, nurses and anyone who just wants sensible nutrition information for their clients and patients.

What types of SNaC Packs are available?
There are three versions, each with different handouts.  Click below for Table of Contents and sample handouts.

General Nutrition

Sport Nutrition 

Special Populations


What sets SNaC Packs above the rest?
Scientifically Based Unlike similar looking handouts, SNaC Pack is based on current, cutting edge scientifically based research that SNaC co-founder regularly brings to her readers in the NSCA Online Journal, Muscle & Fitness and Men's Health, only in greater depth.
Written by Experts SNaC's founders are among the top leaders in the nutrition field today, with scientific backgrounds you can trust.  No fad diets here; no potentially harmful supplements. 
No Gimmicks or Fads Our commitment to you is to help your clients reach their health and fitness goals by learning sound nutrition for a lifetime.  Through nutrition education, SNaC promises an "end to diets." 
Health and Fitness Focus  Debra Wein is also a personal trainer with a degree in exercise physiology and has managed leading health and fitness centers in corporate and university centers for 10 years.

Why should you purchase SNaC Pack?
Your Secret Weapon Set yourself apart in a crowded field.  Let SN be your expert nutrition advisor.  Who knows if your competitor bought SNaC Pack?
It's An Insurance Policy SNaC Pack keeps you from falling behind others in a rapidly changing environment.
An "Ivy League" Nutrition Education In a 3-Ring Binder It gives you a solid background in nutrition to help you and your clients make sense of the daily bombardment of nutrition information in the media. 

The cost for professionally printed, reproducible SNaC Pack binder is as follows: 
  • One SNaC Pack $99.00
  • Three SNaC Packs $275.00
SNaC Pack
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