Individual Counseling

Nutrition Services

One to One Counseling 
We will review your family, medical, nutrition and health histories and help you create an action plan to meet your goals and improve your nutrition and health habits.

We will make specific recommendations regarding carb, protein, fat and other nutrient intakes as well as discuss eating on the run, supplement needs, supermarket shopping or any other topics you choose.

We offer these individually tailored person, on the phone or on-line.

To get started on your nutrition program, call 781/741-5483 or email

Fitness Services

One to One Personal Training 
Performed at your home or fitness center, we will review your medical and health histories and help you create a fitness plan to meet your goals and improve your fitness level while reducing your risk of chronic disease.

We will design your program to include cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and core exercises and will include sport specific training, when appropriate. We offer these motivating and personally challenging, individually tailored sessions 1, 2, 3 days per week or, as needed. All sessions are one-hour.
Assessment Services 

Metabolic Fingerprinting 
We will measure your individual resting metabolic rate (RMR) or metabolism.
RMR= amount of calories you burn at rest using state-of the-art, FDA
approved equipment. 

Body Composition Assessment 
A valid and precise measurement of your current body composition (body fat versus lean body mass) using whole body bioelectrical impedance. 

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) 
Helping you to identify those critical lifestyle areas in which you will
have the greatest potential to reduce your risk of future health problems,
as well as the key medical indicators most linked to increased health risk.
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