Online Assessment

An individualized, private, confidential session on-line.

  • You complete our detailed nutrition and health assessment.

  • We develop a plan specifically for you!

This program is designed for those of you living out of the Boston area or who prefer information at your fingertips. We, at Sensible Nutrition, have been providing nutrition services for over 15 years and have been offering this email counseling service for over seven years. 

How it works...

  • We'll either send you our detailed nutrition and health assessment form to complete via email or you can complete it directly online. The analysis details family, medical, nutrition and weight histories, habits, eating patterns, cravings, supplement intakes and much more.

  • You complete the analysis, at your leisure, and send it back to us via email or directly online.

  • You will have a detailed plan including macro and micronutrient recommendations, answers to your specific questions and a nutrition plan to follow in order to best meet your specific goals.

  • A follow-up telephone call to review any questions you may have as well as two follow-up email consultations is included.

All this for only $75.00


Sign up for Three Sessions- FOR ONLY $150.00. THAT'S A SAVINGS OF $75.00.

Follow-up consultations are performed one and three months following your initial assessment, unless otherwise specified.

Assessment Options
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