Purge Your Pantry

Feel like you are always stocking your cabinets with the same food and wondering if there is healthier food you SHOULD be buying?  Are you caught in a food rut?  Let one of our registered dietitians “assess” your food choices and roam thru your refrigerator, freezer and cabinets!  We’ll tell you what to keep and what to toss!  We’ll tell you when to buy organic and when to save your money!  We’ll also review labels and tell you what 10 Super Foods you should be including in your diet.

Keep the party to yourself or invite your friends over so they can learn, too! This fun event is 60 minutes and costs just $200 (10% of the cost will be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank)


·      A healthy appetizer for the Purge Your Pantry Party. Feel free to supply the organic  wine!

·      Healthy recipes

·      Super foods handouts

·      Top 25 Best Packaged Foods handout

·      General advice on label reading, healthy diets and much more!

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