"Debra Wein is one of the foremost nutrition experts in the world, as evidenced by her prolific writing in major health, fitness and nutrition publications and her extensive speaking at national and international conferences. She has the unusual ability to synthesize the latest research and present it in a meaningful, sensible, and practical manner, so that people can apply what is useful and avoid what is unhelpful or harmful. Rarely have I known a professional who is so up-to-date and well-versed in her field as Debra Wein. A natural teacher and super communicator, Debra is an incredible source of nutrition information." 

Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D.
Fitness Research Director, South Shore YMCA, Quincy MA

Editorial advisor for Shape Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Club Industry Magazine, and Men's Health Magazine; Author of 15 Fitness Books including the new releases, Strength and Power for Young Athletes, and Strength Training Past 50; Strength training consultant for numerous national organizations such as the American Council on Exercise, the National Sports Performance Association and the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation.

“I found the class to be educational and eye opening on the impact high blood pressure has on my life.  The tools and information I learned were presented in a way that has allowed me to continually be aware and make changes in the right direction without feeling overwhelmed. Got my blood pressure to a low point of 122/88.  Not consistently there yet, but getting better from the 140 or 150/ 100 I was regularly averaging. Thanks!!!”

Putnam, Hypertension Class

"Debra Wein is a truly outstanding sports nutritionist. She has lectured for our organization and edited chapters of our text.  Whether she is lecturing for 200 people or talking one-on-one, her superior knowledge of nutrition, passion for the field and personality all shine through."

Roger Earle, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Director of Certification Education & Exam Development

"Debra's great knowledge and ability to speak on nutrition and wellness has really been a great benefit to our employees. She talks about what we want to hear at the level we need to hear it, in a very professional, yet friendly manner. Employees look forward to her sessions and leave them feeling it was worth their while. I would highly recommend her to other companies."

Keri Boluch
HR Associate
Commonwealth Financial Network
Waltham, MA

“The course made me more aware of the good and bad things we deal with everyday. I’ve enjoyed better eating habits, looking at product labels and what I am buying, and being more active each day, walking more and more. Overall living a healthier lifestyle"

Putnam, Hypertension Class

"I have really enjoyed the 12 week wellness challenge.  What a GREAT way to motivate people and stay focused. 

This week's webinar [Maintain Your Positive Lifestyle Habits] is a good way to remind everyone to stay focused to stay healthy. We all have worked hard to get to this point to achieve these changes that we have come to attain and stay focused not to lose sight of our own health. And you are so right! We as individuals, are totally responsible for our own health because we are the ones making that choice to put certain foods in our mouths, and choosing a physical activity to keep this engine going.  But the team effort, I think, is the key. People can motivate each other and help one another to accomplish these goals.

So, this wellness program has been very motivational for me and I am going to miss the daily logins, weekly webinars and group discussions. And not to forget the TEAM!!!  You & your team have been very motivating throughout this wellness challenge. Thank you for keeping us all focused and healthy, well informed indeed.  

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Perkin Elmer, Wellness Challenge

"Debra and Christina have tremendous knowledge in nutrition science. What sets them apart from other nutritionists is their ability to translate that knowledge to the customer in a non-judgmental, supportive manner."

Carolyn Gould, Program Director
Health Development Corporation

"I have tried so many diets, whatever the latest diet was, I tried it. I was so frustrated because I was working out all of the time and trying all these diets and nothing seemed to work. Last year, it was the high protein diet. I was eating protein, protein, and more protein and cut back on most of my carbs. At first I saw some results but as soon as I strayed from this, I gained the weight right back. It was really difficult to follow because eating a lot of protein all of the time required a lot of planning. I found I didn't have any energy and I was irritated all of the time because I was making a lot of changes and adjustments in my life but seeing little results. I had finally faced the facts that my body was never going to change.

Then I met with Debra, at the suggestion of my personal trainer. When I met with her, I couldn't believe that by just eating a balanced diet, in moderation, I was able to make the changes I did in such a short period of time...without having to sacrifice the enjoyments of life. She made things so simple and easy to understand. I still ate out and enjoyed my occasional glasses of wine, but in moderation. I dropped two pant sizes within 2 months time! Most importantly -- I had fun all summer long. Debra helped me prioritize what was important. I found I had more energy for my workouts and didn't have to avoid going out with my friends just to lose weight and be healthy. Healthy is the word. I definitely am not as run down and don't get sick like I used to.
I have had many friends ask me what I have done and they just can't believe it. People keep telling me to try all these diets -- The Atkins, Eat Right 4 Your blood Type, The Zone... and so and so on. I am all done with the temporary changes and have Debra and "Sensible Nutrition" to thank. I have the know-how and strategies I need for a lifetime of health. Thank you!!"

Cynthia Baltucci
Chase Manhattan, Inc.

“I found the weekly seminars with Mary Kate to be very informative and eye opening. These definitely made me re-evaluate my eating lifestyle.”

Putnam, 10-week Weight Management

"I just wanted to thank Debra Wein, MS, RD and The Sensible Nutrition Connection, Inc. for their help in my desperate quest for a fitter body. Through my company's participation in The Wellness Workdays Program, I have now lost 29 pounds! I have been measuring my progress by how many links I have removed from my watch and so far, I have removed 2 links and am working toward my third. I do have my setbacks but I am determined to do this one pound at a time.

What you have helped me to accomplish in reshaping myself and becoming aware of what I put into my mouth has not only me, but my friends and family, as well. As I have been heavy my whole life, they like seeing the new me. I can not thank you enough."

Angelina Johnson
HPSC, Inc.
Boston, MA

"I just wanted to thank Debra Wein, MS, RD and The Sensible Nutrition Connection, Inc. for the FANTASTIC Food for a Lifetime Weight Management Class I participated in at The Quincy YMCA.  As a result of the 6 week program, I am proud to say that for the first time in 10 years, I am able to go shopping for clothes and not get depressed! Thank you."

Margaret Conneelly
Dorchester, MA

"The lecture that Debra gave to our company was compelling and very informative. It made me realize that there was a much more effective and healthy way to lose weight than all the gimmicky diets I had been trying. After the lecture, I met with Debra for one-on-one sessions and proceeded to make some of the simple dietary changes she recommended. These changes have produced incredible results. I now have more energy and have lost weight. This is definitely a way of eating that I will be able to continue long-term and it is much easier than I ever expected."

Chris Paradis,
Human Resources, Integrated Development Enterprise
Concord, MA

"I recommend the Food for a Lifetime class for a good grounding (or refresher) on current thinking about healthy eating; eating from the food pyramid; how fitness fits into the picture; etc. Debra Wein, MS, RD is both a nutritionist and a certified personal trainer and she is very knowledgeable about both subjects, and teaches them in a very healthy and practical way. I enjoyed her class very much and got a lot out of it."

Therese H of Cambridge, MA

"I have to let you know...my Doctor was happy to see that I've lost ten pounds but the best news is that my triglycerides are down to 190 (from the high 400's)! I'm only 30 points away from being like a typical healthy American, as far as cholesterol goes! The hardening of my arteries has also improved from an "E" to a "B". 

Since our sessions together, I have been trying to eat "sensibly" and have been exercising again, about 40 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week. I try to stay within the guidelines you gave me regarding foods & nutrition.

I appreciate receiving SNaC Bytes each week. It helps to keep me "on track".
Thanks again for all of your help.

David Elliott, Plymouth, MA




"As a stress eater, I have learned that you don't have to turn to food to release the stress, and if you do, you can choose more nutritious foods to satisfy those stressful binges. Celery works wonders. I have become more aware of what I am eating, how much and why. I have accomplished some weight loss and look forward to losing more in the future with the eating and exercise tips I have learned in this class. A little exercise can make a big difference, and as a diabetic, I have seen the results in meter readings by implementing better food choices and simple exercise into my daily routine.

Rockland Trust, 10 Week Weight Management Program

"The weight management class was a life lesson because I never realized that so many foods were actually really bad for you. I reached one of my goals this weekend by losing, so far, a total 28½ pounds and I am now finally less than 200 pounds for the first time in many years.
Thank you, Courtney, for being such a good instructor. I really enjoyed the class!"

Cape Cod Lumber, 10 Week Weight Management Program

“It was the motivator I needed to make a change in my life, I would always talk about eating better and starting to exercise; but never did. This gave me the push to make healthier life style changes.”

Putnam, 10-week Weight Management

"Jul (Gerrior),
We really appreciated you taking the time to come speak with Merrimack Valley Striders running club last night! You were fantastic, such a talented presenter and lots of helpful information. I learned so much and personally really benefited from what you spoke about -- in particular, the "balancing." As a matter of fact, I made a trip to the supermarket this morning to get blueberries to have with my breakfast!

Thanks again Jul!"

Sarah Prescott, 
Vice President of the Merrimack Valley Striders 
Three time USAT&F N.E. Ironrunner 
Seven time marathoner (including 3 Boston), Two state of NH Age Category Records


"I have been on every diet ever written in my 36 years of life. Debra has a vast knowledge of nutrition and has helped me and my family immensely. When I first visited her she told me to change three things in my eating habits and I lost nine pounds in the first two weeks. She knew just what I needed to focus on - no more guessing! Now after four months I have lost thirty-three pounds, and my husband has lost thirty. Even my two year old daughter is eating healthier now! I cannot recommend Debra or Sensible Nutrition’s programs enough. She is terrific!"

Faith Milks
Rockland, MA


"Thank you so much for offering the Wellness Workdays program. Megan was such an inspiration and she really made us think about food. I learned a lot and lost sixteen pounds in the 10 week program. Most of us put weight on at Thanksgiving and Christmas but I lost the weight, thanks to Megan.  

She forwarded healthy recipes, sent emails each week on the upcoming class, and if we had a specific question on food, she'd email us the link on nutrition regarding the food in question. 

She also emphasized exercise. I have joined the Y and have been attending Zumba classes, which are a blast. I hope there is a follow-up class with Megan. She was such an inspiration. Thanks again for such a great class!"

Rockland Trust, 10 Week Weight Management Program


Here is my story:

There were three reasons for me to get in touch with Debra: the 10, 12 pounds I had put on over the last couple of years, all the confusing information about non-fat, low-carb, no-calorie diets and my busy travel schedule which (I thought) made it difficult for me to eat healthy on a regular basis. I was not overweight at 5,3 and134 pounds, but I did not feel good and energized.

When I met Debra for the first time I told her the following: I want to get back to my ‘feel good weight’ of 120 pounds, I like to eat and I do not want to eliminate bread, cereal, pasta, rice, vegetables, or fruit from my diet. I was delighted when she told me that we can incorporate everything in my diet, as long as the carbs are from whole grains, fruit and vegetables. She put together a nutrition and work-out plan for me, which was easy to understand and to follow, even when being on the road. I had to get used to sticking to the plan and writing everything down I ate, but after 2 weeks it was routine and after 4 months I had lost 14 pounds, I feel great and have a lot of energy. I have been at my current weight for almost 6 months now by following a healthy, balanced diet and being physically active as much as possible.

These are the 5 most important things I have learned by working with Debra:

  • you do not need to be hugely overweight to work with a nutritionist
  • eating healthy is fun
  • carbs are not ‘evil’ as long as they come from the right source
  • don’t be afraid to ask for healthy meal choices in restaurants, in general they are willing to accommodate any requests (if you ask them nicely)
  • if you do indulge for a couple of days, it is easy to get back on track, since you know which foods and behavior are good for you.

The best feeling was to fit back in those favorite jeans …

Susanne Muecke


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